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The kind words of clients I have guided

70% of clients for the past season where returning clients or referrals. On average returning clients booked 6-7 days fishing

These are extracts from letters from clients and are their own words.


Hi Steve,

How are you doing? Is it still windy?................. Anyway, I'd like to thank you for such a incredible fishing. Though the wind was very strong, the results were much much better than I had expected. And I also appreciate you for guiding me so calmly and friendly as if we knew each other since we were children. I learned a great deal about water, techniques, and how to treat fish kindly.

I'm gonna keep those rivers secret from my friends. But I'll be absolutely glad to recommend you as the best guide in your region to them.

I'll be back again, for sure.

Merry Christmas

With best regards,

Tamio Omuro

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Dear Steve


Many thanks for providing Wayne and I with such excellent fishing last week.  We really enjoyed the dry fly fishing and each of us catching and releasing six rainbows was great fun. Your helpful tips were much appreciated.


Our salmon fishing exceeded our (and probably your) expectations.  I guess it is not often that those fishing for salmon achieve limit bags on consecutive days - a most memorable experience.


Thanks also for your courtesy, friendliness and assistance over the three days.  We look forward to return next year.


Kind regards


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Fishing report by Mary Nishioka, visited during a rough spell of weather Jan 05. You can read Mary's report here: Mary's Summer in New Zealand


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Dear Steve

Andrew with his short stocky 9 lb brownHope you are well and had a great Christmas and that this year is very kind to you. I'm sorry I have not come back to you for a while to thank you for the best 3 days of my fly-fishing life.

The 3 days I had with you fly-fishing will always remain a very cherished part of my fly-fishing life and for us to catch that 9 pounder on the ........... river will remain with me forever. My mates here are all so jealous especially one friend who has been to NZ 6 time and the largest he has ever caught in a river was 8 pounds!

I hope to start making NZ an annual pilgrimage from next year (and hopefully you can show me some more of your amazing streams), its just the most awesome fly-fishing I have ever experienced. I have told everyone I know here about you and have written an article for a fly-fishing magazine that may or may not be published, which hopefully should mean more South Africans coming your way.

Once again thanks again and please send my best regards to Pam and Roger, their hospitality was fantastic and a great credit to NZ people. I have told all my fly-fishing friends to stay with them too when over there.

Best regards

Andrew Tyndale-Biscoe

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Hi Steve
Scott plus fish
I don't know how to thank you for such a wonderful fishing experience. I have been wanting to fish in NZ since I was about 14 and it was well worth the wait. I cant remember when I enjoyed myself more. My fishing trip was truly the highlight of my stay. I Will be back again someday (after I pay for this one). So expect to hear from me again.

Again thank you,

Scott Hibbard


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This is a letter from Mr Gordon Sopher of the UK to a prospective client.

Dear Mr.......

Thank you for your e-mail.

Gordon with trout in handI am happy to recommend Steve Gerard.  He is a first class guide and  has the uncanny ability to see into the water even when the sun isn't shining!  He has put me on to more fish than I care to remember and his advice has helped me catch more than I could have hoped.  The fish are famously large and the hunting is exciting and Steve is the most pleasant of companions. (I'm going to embarrass him by copying him on this e-mail).

The policy is catch and release by the way.

I have not fished for salmon with Steve; I am convinced that the trout is the more attractive quarry.  Steve also guides salmon fishermen and can be relied on to find them if they are there.

You'll enjoy the Rakaia river and the beauty of the countryside through which it flows and the mountains from which it springs.  It is one of the finest examples of a braided river and you'll know what that means when you see it.  Ever seen a river the turquoise colour of a Caribbean bay?

Pam and Roger Callaghan, who run Tyrone farm, are a marvelous pair of Kiwis whose friendliness and hospitality beat anything you'll find in the hotels.  The deer farm is just outside Methven with no light pollution at night.  Take the trouble to borrow Roger's ancient binoculars and take a look at the Southern Cross one night.

Kind regards

Gordon Soper.

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Dear Steve,

Hi! Both David and I are home safe and soSean with a beautyund. The flight was good we arrived home last night just after 8 pm. We'd like to thank you for guiding us and looking after us so well. David and I enjoyed the trip very much.

I look forward to fishing with you again in Feb. 6 more weeks to go and counting down..............

Merry Christmas mate!!

Yours sincerely,


Hi Steve,

Merry Christmas to you and all at home! The fishing trip was most excellent, but what has really touched my heart is the memories that it has left behind.  I sit David + troutback every now and then and think of the fishing and the tramping we did together, how you led us through the rough (by my standards and expectations) terrain and looked after us in such a responsible manner every step of the way. It brings a smile of warmth and cosy memories. Almost like a warm crackling fireplace filled with the aroma of coffee and pines!
I'm glad to have met and gotten to know you.
Loved the photos and look forward to featuring on your site with rainbows next time!
God bless

Pictures of the trip with David and Sean to a remote high quality West Coast river

Dear Steve,

I wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for the most letter.jpg (26777 bytes)unforgettable fishing experience. When I added it all up I counted 13 trout of 4 lb. or greater. Hard to believe. It's a good thing I keep a little daily diary.

I can only lay it all to your keen eyes and great fishing instincts. I never thought I would find such extraordinary fishing there in midland NZ .........I also thank you for your great patience........

Stan H., USA


Stan caught 20 fishing during his visit including 2 superb rainbows 7 & 7.5 lbs.

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Dear Steve

Hallo, I am Toshi.

............ I vividly remember beautiful rivers, the rises of big fish, the big fish I landed. I was also impressed by rubbish less rivers.

I had a great time in this trip. The experience was more than I expected.
Thank you!!
Toshi with a good brown
I have the photos I took during this trip. I'll send you some of this and the photos of Japanese fish.

I'll go fishing in NZ again for landing 8lb over.
In that time, please guide me again!!

Sincerely yours,

Toshio. Japan

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Notes from David and Shirley USA

Dear Steve,David with a fat rainbow

We arrived home Wed.......just wanted to thank you for the wonderful fishing......we enjoyed our visit to NZ very much and will have many nice memories of some fine trout fishing with you....

Steve, thank you very much for the pictures...we had yours before we could even get ours developed......we had a wonderful experience fishing with you...if any one I know is ever headed to NZ I will recommend you to them......


David and & Shirley


Al Kircher
37 Lochhead Crescent
Methven 7730
New Zealand
P  03 302 9055
C  027 601 3519

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