...I’ll be absolutely glad to recommend you as the best guide...

We learned a lot & caught some wonderful fish

What our clients have been saying;

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Hi Steve,

"Anyway, I’d like to thank you for such incredible fishing....." "I’m gonna keep those rivers secret from my friends. But I’ll be absolutely glad to recommend you as the best guide in your region to them."



"A unique experience - spotting and stalking huge trout in amazing surroundings.
The service and guiding was the best."


“A fabulous guide – Jamie is an honest and passionate guy who knows and loves his trout”

Richard Tonks
NSW, Australia


“Back in England...writing to thank you for a great day on the river in March…wonderful weather & some super fishing in this piece of what is paradise. We learned a lot & caught some wonderful fish...I’ll contact you again next time I’m over, for another super day or three.

Brian Calvert & Harley Smith

13 April 2007
G'day Lindsay its Brendan. Just wanted to say thanks again for everything, many, many thanks. Had an incredible time fishing with you, the best 4 days fishing of my life. Landed 12 for the trip, hooked and lost just as many and missed probably double that. The 8 pounder I got on the Maruia was the highlight for sure a personal best for me. Some of the spots you took us to took our breath away. Loved the scenery around Murch, lovely place. Our last day on the Matakitaki, stunning clear water and surroundings. One thing that sticks in my mind is the the brute force of the runs that these big browns dished out on me, even got taken well into the backing on one occasion. Ive never experienced the power of trout like this before. I am now addicted to clear water sight fishing for large browns. Will speak soon to make arrangements for next year's trip. All the best and speak soon.

Brendan Nicholls
  Lindsay, 20 April 2007

I did want to say thank you and also how much we enjoyed our fishing recently-thanks to some excellent guiding and general advice! Also for the photo's. I have e-mailed them to a few people I know are interested. They came out really well. Wasn't the biggest fish a beauty! I hope he is still feeding and putting on weight. I certainly look forward to keeping in touch and I'm sure we will want to do some more fishing in the future.

Kind Regards,
Bill Gregerson
"Chris' company is a veritable pleasure. You would have to look a long way to find a guide who would work as hard on your behalf as Chris, and his experience and knowledge of his rivers places him well above the rest. A true professional"

"Got my one day NZ big trout fix - thanks Craig for the great experience.


"Chappie made our South Island guiding trip fantastic, breathtaking scenery, amazing trout and the service was out of this world."



"Thank you truly for the fantastic adventure. Your expert guidance helped me bring in the best fish I've ever caught and those crazy jumpers really put on a great show!"



"I wanted to thank you personally for a wonderful trip, Kitty and I enjoyed every moment of it. Martin if you ever get to Idaho and want to do some fishing, please give us a call. Our home is your home. Martin I learned the most from you of all the guides I used in New Zealand, you are tops.”

Jim Vincent owner Rio Products Idaho Falls USA


I met Chris on my first trip to New Zealand. His local knowledge was invaluable and his patience much appreciated! In a few short hours under his expert guidance, I had stalked polarized and dry flied my first New Zealand Brown Trout. His knowledge of fly-fishing is extraordinary and combined with his superb teaching skills, made for an incredible fishing experience. I can’t wait to come again.


"Mr. Dore guided me for a three-day overnight fishing trip in Feb 2006 in Southland. He proved to be the best fishing guide I have had, and gave outstanding and professional service not only during my time fishing with him, but also both before and since my time actually fishing with him."



"Thank you for the wonderful trip!! We really enjoyed the fly fishing."


Dear Steve

"thank you for the best 3 days of my fly-fishing life"



"Best guided fishing we ever had, anywhere."




“We heli-fished into spectacular looking waters and experienced dry-fly action, on big selective browns that any I’ve enjoyed elsewhere in the world.”

Betty & Brian Waldren
New York, USA


"Well I've been limping around today and actually loving it because its a constant reminder of the great day I had yesterday. the fishing experience that I was lucky enough to encounter will be in my memory for a lifetime. it was not only the amazing fish that I will never forget, but it is the beauty of the canyon, the observation of the big wild brown trout and the nice thoughts and conversations I shared with you. it was so exciting running down the river banks chasing a trophy fish while you yelled out instructions. in my opinion that is an experience that 99.9% of people will never have and its a shame because its as thrilling as anything I have ever done"

Steve Cain   Chicago IL, USA


I have fly fished New Zealand usually for a week or so per trip for over a decade. Having fished in many other places, I consider it to be the best trout fishing in the world. But even for an experienced angler like me, it is challenging, often difficult weather, savvy, huge trout and gin clear waters. To meet these challenges, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with ace New Zealand guide Martin Langlands.


Martin is a master at his craft. From long experience, he knows weather, waters, strategies, big trout, battling big trout, and what flies big trout eat {like me, you may be surprised}. Given my years with Martin, I could tell you many stories about his expert guidance in catching life time memory big browns, but you might not believe them. I encourage you to live your own stories with Martin. You may be amazed! In addition to his fishing expertise, Martin is an accomplished artist and naturalist. For a long time, Martin has been not only my NZ fishing guide, but also a trusted friend.


Meet the challenge with the best.

Matt Campbell Deputy Attorney General, California

"The Saltwater fly fishing was awesome.... those massive surface schools, the noise as the kingfish crashed through, the dolphins - unforgettable"

David Henriques. UK



"I really enjoyed to fish in New Zealand. Thanks a lot. I wanna come back again and fish with you."


“Jamie I really enjoyed the Saturday on the …river. Great weather, good company and good fishing…sorry I let the big one get away!”

Mike Evans


Hi Steve,

"I don't know how to thank you for such a wonderful fishing experience."


“My first trip with Martin was in 1998 and I keep coming back for more.


Martin is a committed guide and expert fisherman. In 9 years we have fished in all conditions, flood, drought, rain, snow and gale force winds but Martin always seems to have some spot out of the weather and onto the fish!!


Martin continues to introduce me to new water on each visit and his knowledge extends beyond the standard fly patterns-he makes flies that trout want!


My own skills have improved under his tutelage and I can’t recommend Martin’s dedication enough. See you in another six months!”      

Dr John Roberts NSW Australia

Trophy red stag, trophy brown, and trophy rainbow.... my big three in three days. You know those photo's will be doing the rounds! And Miles, your patience and hospitality is second to none."

Jim Fielder. USA

Dear Steve,

 "I wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for the most unforgettable fishing experience."




"Thanks for the great time and many of your helpful hints...I hope to get back to NZ and I'll be certain to look you up again."


Hi Tony,

Thanks again for a “great” day of fishing........ Thanks






"This is just to say how much I enjoyed the wonderful fishing, food and fun I shared with you on my visits. Jim, you kept getting me into bigger and bigger fish. I was amazed at your knowledge of the Rangitikei river and its tributaries. Fishing in New Zealand is more than just catching fish, although you certainly got me onto great fish. I enjoyed the whole experience immensely and I can't wait to get back and do it all again."

Walt Wester


Thank you Tony for a great days fishing. The rest of the trip was great, including the rugby in Wellington. For anyone that has ever seen one of those holiday/fishing shows with the presenter standing real close to huge trout in crystal clear rivers and steams making it look easy. You know the ones. If you want to be that guy, you really have to talk to Tony from Out of the Blue Charters. I told him what I wanted and he accommodated us to the letter. I’m Australian so recommending a Kiwi goes against everything I stand for, but still. If you want to go home with a story not an excuse. Hook up with Tony.



"Simply the biggest trout I have ever laid eyes on. Thanks for spoiling me for life Miles. I'll be back soon!"

Richard Sempiski. USA



"The six pound bow I caught first up was the biggest fish I'd ever landed on the fly, until the 14 pound brown just around the corner! Thanks for a most memorable day of first's Miles"

Dr G.J. Wilder. USA




"My wife and I have been fishing with Jim Rainey for nearly 10 years. He is a terrific fishing companion on the river with excellent knowledge of local conditions. Every trip with Jim has been memorable, and every season brings a new adventure."

Bob Haar
Denise Fuentes


“If you want big mountains and lots of clear water, Jim Rainey has just the spot! With over twenty years of experience fishing and guiding the Central North Island, Jim will get you to the fish, help you catch it and give you a unique New Zealand fishing experience.”


Paul Fisher, Moree, NSW.




“Jim will help you cast a fly, spot you a fish with his eagle eye. Raft, chopper or a good days walk. The days always fly, coz this bloke can talk. Novice or expert, Jim will catch you a trout. And finish the day with a "home brew " shout. You'll never have a bad day on a NZ river with Jim Rainey.”