Didymo in New Zealand

Didymo & Gear Cleaning requirements;

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This invasive alga looks like it's here to stay. It very important that all visitors take this very seriously and do there bit to ensure they don't spread this scourge and infect new waters. Presently it's confined to the South Island

Fortunately your guide will have all the gear needed and will no doubt clean your gear for you, however if you are planning to fish on your own make sure you get yourself set up to deal with it. I've heard quite a few stories of anglers still not doing their thing and cleaning their gear. This is simply unacceptable. All gear that has been in contact with the water must be cleaned before entering a new waterway or indeed relocating upstream.

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If you are moving items between waterways you must -

  1. Inspect: Before leaving the river, remove all obvious clumps of algae and look for hidden clumps. Leave them at the affected site. If you find any later, do not wash them down drains. Treat them with the approved cleaning methods below, dry them and put them in a rubbish bin.

  2. Clean: Soak and scrub all items for at least one minute in either, hot (60°C) water, a two percent solution of household bleach or a five percent solution of salt, nappy cleaner, antiseptic hand cleaner or dishwashing detergent. A two percent solution is 200 ml, a five percent solution is 500 ml (two large cups), with water added to make 10 litres.

  3. Dry: If the above cleaning is not practical (i.e. livestock), after the item is completely dry to touch, wait an additional 48 hours before contact or use in any other waterway.

Felt Soled Boots and Waders have been banned so can no longer be used for fishing so use rubber soles

To ensure you do not spread Didymo, wherever possible use equipment, boats, clothing and other items for exclusive use in a single waterway.


There a lot of info on our forum with the latest updates etc.