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Fly Fishing Equipment

Here's my equipment check list so you can make sure you have all the right fly fishing equipment you'll need;


South Island Trout Fishing Guide by John KentOne of the most popular products in the Flyshop is John Kents South Island Trout Fishing Guide Book It's the bible of NZ fly fishing waters, so is on the essentials list. There's a North Island version too

I recommend you visit our Flyshop for all your equipment needs and a wide selection of 'Flies that Catch NZ Trout' and there are selections of flies by region there also.


Flies: This is a guide only, flies that I find particularly useful, but many other flies will work on our trout



Adams Parachute   12- 18

CDC Emerger       14 - 16

Dad's Favourite & Parachute     12 - 16

Black Gnat NZ      12 - 16

Blow Fly               12 - 14

Cicada                    8 - 10

Humpy's Selection 10 - 14

Kakahi Queen       12 - 14

Royal Wolf              8 - 16



Hare and Copper    10 - 16

Hare Ear                 10 - 16

Hare and Pheasant  10 - 16

Pheasant Tail           10 - 16

Willow Grub           16

Stoneflies                10 - 12


Bead head Nymphs;

Hare and Copper Black Tungsten  10 - 16

Hare and Copper Gold Tungsten   10 - 16

Pheasant Tail Black Tungsten         10 - 16

Pheasant Tail Gold Tungsten          10 - 16


Fly Lines;

Now these are really important, if nothing else, make sure you do have a dull coloured floating fly line. Every guide you talk to will tell you this, our waters are very clear and the big old browns are no pushovers, they'll spot any bright coloured fly lines and that will be that! It's handy to have a spare spool with a fly line that's one line weight heavier than your fly rod to use on windy days.


The Airflo range have some good lines; the SuperDri Bandit and the SuperDri Backcountry.

The SuperDri are great, the distance taper is my preference, they fair whistle through the guides, you should try them!

Rio Fly Lines are excellent also, checkout the LT Trout  or Rio Gold are excellent also!


Leaders and Tippets;

Longer leaders are recommended in heavier tests, 10 - 13 feet in 7 - 9lb test to which you add your tippet material so the total length can become quite long. Tippet in the 4 - 8lbs test covers most situations. Again the clear waters mean that any advantage you can get can make the difference so long leaders are recommended.


Fluorocarbon or Nylon; It's really up to you, I don't personally have a preference.


Fly Rods;

A 6 weight fly rod is what I recommend as a general fly rod for fishing our local conditions. 5 weights are good for smaller streams and 7s for larger waters or windy days.


The NZ CD fly rod range are and NZ designed, and are reasonable value for money. The XLS and the new ICT are ideal for our local conditions. Read the product reports on the Flyshop web site to find out more.


We also have a number of fly rod packages from Airflo - designed for NZ also


Fly Reels;

Bring reels with a good drag system and plenty of backing. Large abor reels are best for this with room for enough backing,  and also ensure a good retrieval speed. There's nothing worse than to see your fly line disappearing off your reel knowing that there's not much left as a big fish heads off down stream....



Wading boots are preferred my most fishermen for footwear. And only rubber soled boots are allowed in New Zealand, a studded pair is recommended for the extra grip. Light weight breathable waders are popular and are what most of my clients wear, and it's certainly good to have them if the weather is cooler. A lot of Kiwi's wet wade wearing shorts and long thermal underwear to protect legs from scratches, sun and insects. Personally on warmer days I wet wade in long light weight trousers that dry quickly.


The Riverworks range of Breathable Waders and Wading Boots are excellent products which I can recommend them to you



The weather in New Zealand can be changeable so bring clothing for both warm and cool conditions, all clothing should be dull coloured to blend with the natural environment.


Make sure you bring;

Wading sticks are also useful



Don't  waste your precious holiday time driving around tackle shops, get everything ready now and avoid that last minute rush when you'll have plenty of other things to take care of anyway. If you want to order gear from our shop, we can have it delivered to your guide or accommodation here in NZ, so it'll be there ready for you when you arrive.