South Island Fly Fishing Guides

South Island Fly Fishing Guides

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Fly Fishing Nelson with Guide Mike Kirkpatrick Fly Fishing Queenstown with Fly fishing Guide Chris Dore Fly Fishing Twizel with Fly Fishing Guide Alan Campbell Fly Fishing Tekapo with Fly Fishing Guide Paul McLaughlan Fly Fishing Methven with Fly Fishing Guide Steve Gerard Fly Fishing Canterbury & the South Island with Guide Martin Langlands Fly Fishing the Mataura with Michael Vetters, Gore. Casey Caverns Fly Fishing Barry Perkins - Gore Fishing Guide Wanaka Fly Fishing Guide Paul Macandrew Dean Whaanga Fly Fishing

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Alan Campbell: - Fly Fishing Twizel Mackenzie Country

Al Kircher: - Fly Fishing Canterbury

Barry Perkins - Fly Fishing Gore and Southland

Chris Dore: - Fly Fishing Queenstown Area

Casey Cravens Dunedin and Southland

Dean Whaanga Fly Fishing Te Anau

Paul Macandrew Wanaka

Martin Langlands: - Canterbury / South Island

Michael Vetters: - Fly Fishing the Mataura River & Southland

Mike Kirkpatrick - Fly Fishing Nelson

Paul McLaughlan: - Fly Fishing Tekapo and the Mackenzie Country

Tony Entwistle; Fly Fishing Nelson - Marlborough



South Island Fly Fishing

The South Island of New Zealand has long been recognised as a leading destination for fly fishermen from around the world


South Island fly fishing is all about sight fishing to large wild trout and the number of rivers to fish is truly amazing. One could easily spend a life time exploring it all. The river types and size vary greatly with each region having it's own intricacies.


South Island Fly Fishing; 

A quick summary by region from the top down


Nelson and Marlborough;

Long regarded for the quality of its Brown Trout fishery the upper South Island has a good mix of fishing opportunities. Very remote back country rivers are a feature of the region. These back country river can take some getting to, walking or via helicopter. But there's a wealth of other water in this region that's easily accessible


West Coast;

The last frontier of New Zealand Fly fishing? Well perhaps. Less developed and with a lower population than other parts of the country, this makes it's ideal fishing country. There are many noted rivers within the region, much of the country is forested with native bush feeding out onto the developed farm land. Predominantly a Brown Trout fishery.


North Canterbury;

Noted for its superb salmon fishing North Canterbury also has some very good trout fishing. There's a natural phenomenon that occur approximately every seven years were the native beech forest seeds prolifically causing a mouse plague. The already sizable brown can't resist a mouse so during these mouse years trout of immense proportions can be caught. This phenomenon is not confined to this area. Anywhere where there's beech forest close to the water it can happen.


Central South Island;

Stunning Alpine vistas await the fly fisherman visiting this area. Salmon, Brown and Rainbow trout can be found. Some huge specimens are caught each year in the hydro canals of the Mackenzie Country though these fish sit under the salmon farms so have a some what supplemented diet.


Otago Region;

Spectacular mountain regions with crystal clear mountain streams, deep large lakes. A wide variety of water with both Browns and Rainbow trout. This is a popular area with the tourist hubs of Queenstown and Wanaka bring many visitors flocking to the region with a wealth of activities and sight seeing options.


Southland region;

The deep South with the little town of Mataura also known as the Brown Trout Capital. The jewel in the crown being the Mataura river and any visit to the region should include a few flicks upon its fabled waters. Rolling green country with willow line streams and rivers bisect sheep filled paddocks. Inland in the tributaries the country changes to what is more typical of New Zealand fly fishing and to the west are the challenging and remote waters of Fiordland.