New Zealand Fly Fishing Flies

NZ Trout Flies for catching those big NZ trout

Trout Flies for New Zealand

Dry flies, nymphs, lures and streamer patterns for stream and lake fly fishing in New Zealand

There are many different trout flies that will work in New Zealand, but some do work better than others! Below are a selection of popular trout flies that account for many fish each season

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Dry Flies


An extremely popular and versatile fly pattern used throughout NZ

Adams Parachute

The lower profile of the parachute is excellent and this fly is a great trout catcher.

Dads Favourite

Represents our common mayflies. I have caught so many trout with this fly that it's a must in my fly box. Ginger/brown hackle and tail, body is stripped peacock hurl.

Dad's Favourite Parachute

I like to shape the body a little more cone shape than the one shown. If the standard Dads favourite isn't working try this one. If it doesn't work, you're in trouble!

CDC Emerger

Another alternative that very effective, the fish certainly like them!

Blue Dun

When you see the a small pale light coloured mayfly hatch off the water this is the fly pattern to use

Cadis Emerger

Used when fishing lake outlets in the evening when the caddis are moving.

Elk Hair Caddis

An excellent fly pattern in the evening when you see the sedges fluttering about

Crystal Stimulator

A great summertime dry; rainbow tucker, and highly visible with it white wings


This fly is deadly when trout are on Cicada's - they'll literately charge, sometimes from a distance to hit them hard. Heart stopping stuff

NZ Black Gnat

Represents the common Blow Fly and is another excellent trout catcher

NZ Blow Fly

An excellent high country fly. Tied humpy style with a tinsel blue belly.

Red Humpies

Such a good trout fly in all the different colours. A must when fishing the high country

Green Beetle

The native green beetle arrives late Nov. This is a great dry fly when they are 'on the wing'

Kakahi Queen

When you see the natural of this fly hatching you'll notice the yellow patch on the wing, so tie on a Kakahi Queen  and enjoy!



Royal Wolff

The Royal Wulff is a killer during summer, rainbows just can't resist it. Hence it accounts for heaps of fish. A good indicator fly in larger sizes.

General Terrestrial

The red tag makes this trout fly more visible. A very effective summer dry fly

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Black and Peacock

A great still water pattern, represents a snail, though could also be a drown Green Beetle. It catches fish regardless

Green Free Swimming Caddis

Represents the green free swimming cadis nymph


Pheasant Tail

Excellent nymph, catches fish everywhere. I like to tie on some light hackles to represent legs

Damsel Fly Nymph

When the Damsels are moving this is a useful pattern.

Dragon Fly Nymph

This large morsel provides a good feed for the hungry trout.

Hare and Copper

A top NZ pattern the Hare and copper catches fish throughout the country.

Flashback Hares Ear

Another excellent nymph

Hare and Pheasant

Another excellent fish catcher


Brown Stone Fly

This nymph has accounted for some large fish. The natural brown stone fly can be quite abundant in back country streams and this is a good representation

Steve's Willow Grub

This is great fun to fish, really challenging at times, it's a life like pattern and is deadly in the right hands!

Halfback Nymph

I've found this nymph is useful early season

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Beadhead Nymphs

Phantom Nymph

Phantom Nymph

A great preformer this one; sinks fast & catches fish

Skwala Stone

Skwala Stone

Has a growing following

Hare and Copper

A great fish catcher. I like them with the copper bead, a little less flashy

Two Bit Hookers

Two Bit Hookers

These neat little flies are great when depth is needed

Pheasant tail

And of course the beadhead Pheasant Tail is a very useful nymph

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Rubber John Tungsten

Rubber leg flies are very effective and this is a good one.

Cadillac Pheasant tail

Another useful pheasant pattern

Lures / Streamer or Wet Flies

Doll Fly

This is a luminous pattern and is used when night fishing. Rainbows love them but if you're after browns then a standard night fly would be better

Black Marabou

Another lumo pattern. The best way to charge these flies is to use a camera flash, then they'll glow for up to about 15 minutes

Green Woolly Bugger

Buggers 6 -10

Great fish catchers, if you're after browns at night then these are as good as any. Use the larger sizes at night

Grey Ghost

In these parts the Grey Ghost is mainly used when chasing sea runners at the river mouths and is very effective!

Mrs Simpson

The Mrs Simpson represent a cockabully, a small native fish. Trout love cockabullies so this is an excellent pattern

Hamils Killer

A excellent still water pattern. Is often taken as a damsel fly nymph