Trophy Trout

Trophy Trout Fishing in New Zealand

Trophy Fish like this 'Monster' are available from our trophy expert Miles RushmerIf it's a Trophy Trout you want then you've come to the right place!


A New Zealand trophy is considered to be a fish that weighs in at 10lbs (4.5kg) or more! The average weight New Zealand wide is for trout in the 3 - 6lb range, with plenty of fish in the 7 - 8lb range that would be considered trophies in many parts of the world.

While it is indeed possible to catch a Trophy Trout in almost any region in New Zealand they tend to be more the exception rather than the norm, and as the saying goes --- they don't get that big by being stupid....

Of course environment factors influence fish size greatly and it does vary from year to year. The best known example of this is when we get a mouse plague in the high country, when these occur, the fish feed up on the mice, which can result in quite large numbers of very large trout in some areas. The other source of big fish are the sea runners, which can be targeted at the mouths of the rivers or when they move up the rivers to spawn

There are off course those secret places that consistently yield the big boys and our guide's local knowledge of their fisheries means they know the most likely places to find them.....

And then there's Miles Rushmer -

our Trophy Trout expert!


Miles has a reputation for delivering, with an outstanding 43 double figure fish for the 06 - 07 season, like the fish pictured above.

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If it's a trophy trout that you want, talk to Miles to arrange your trip.