Sight fishing in New Zealand

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The Thrill of 'Sight Fishing' for Trout

As every fly fisherman knows there's fishing and there's fishing, the good days and the not so good days, and every fly fisher has there own preferences whether that may be watching an indicate bounce through a lively run or quietly fishing a lure across and down.

What makes New Zealand fly fishing so unique is that a lot of our fishing is 'Sight Fishing' where the individual trout is actually spotted in the water first before being cast to.

This is something that's developed because our waters are generally very clear and our trout quite large and not always that numerous.

Probably the very best thing about sight fishing is the fact that you're always doing something, either fishing to a fish or moving upstream looking for the next.

But it also introduces a whole range of new skills. Fish are easy to spot when in shallow clear water on a sunny day, but of course that's not always the case! So we need to learn to spot fish in all conditions otherwise a lot will be missed. Then once the fish is found the fun starts in earnest as you set about working out the best strategy to catch it, what approach, what fly, where to land the fly for the best chance. And then being able to watch the fish react to the fly, will it spook or will you see it move towards the fly, it's mouth opening to suck it in. It's heart stopping stuff especially when it's a big fish, maybe the fish of a lifetime, and you can see every detail unfolding before you.

All of our guides are Sight Fishing experts, it's our passion and our job, the amount of time we spend on the rivers gives us the edge, we'll spot you more fish and then help you to catch them.

Sight fishing

Our guides are 'Sight Fishing' experts, it's our passion and our job.....we'll show you the fish!!