Heli Fishing

Heli Fishing in New Zealand

It's the quick, easy way into remote rivers - the ultimate fishing machine

Heli Fishing New Zealand - Quick easy access to remote riversHeli Fishing is a great experience and saves on a lot of walking as you're whisked into the backcountry in a matter of minutes. Day trips are a great way to fish, dropped in at the bottom of your beat and picked up at the top at the days end, then whisked back to your lodgings, perfect! Or get dropped into a river for a couple of days staying in a hut or camping

There are Heli Fishing options throughout the country and guides are more than happy to arrange a trip for you - that's because we enjoy it too! So please ask if you're interested in this option.

There are however certain areas that do offer more scope for heli fishing than others so to help I've listed the guides in those areas below;

South Island Heli Fishing Guides;

Tony Entwistle - Nelson

Paul Macandrew- Wanaka

North Island Heli Fishing Guides;

Craig and Marlene Skeet - Napier

Jim Rainey - Rangitikei - Lower North Island