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The MacKenzie Area;

The Mackenzie area is a vast inland basin, and has long been a fly fishing destination with an abundance of trout in the clear waters of the region.


Two of the better known rivers are the Tekapo and Ahuriri both within close proximity to Twizel. The Tekapo can have large numbers of fish at times while the Ahuriri is the jewel in the crown, a magnificent setting, superb water and the chance of trophy fish, Alan's local knowledge is the secret to your success here.


Fly fishing in the Twizel region can produce wonderful sport especially since rainbow trout are present in most waters along with their brown trout counterparts. The numerous man-made and natural lakes in the area serve as a nursery for thestreams providing a renewal of stock as trout move up the rivers to spawn each season. Having large lakes and smaller“lochs” add tothe variety of fishing available to the angler and sock eye salmon are an added bonus in some waters.

Over 30 Streams;

There are over 30 streams and lakes all within 1 hour's drive from Twizel including the Tekapo and Ahuriri rivers. Nearly all waters contain the omnipresent brown trout and many also have a good population of rainbows. In fact, some of the best South Island rainbow trout streams are to be found in this region.


Most trout weigh between 1.5kg and 2kg but there are much larger fish present if you know where to find them!


The fly fishing season begins in November in this region and continues through until the end of April (rivers) while many lakes and the canals remain open throughout the year.

Best Fishing;

Nov / Dec Always good. The trout are hungry and numerous. Weather can be changeable and make sure you have a hat that will stay on your head if the nor'west wind blows!


Jan / Feb / Mar Peak of dry fly season. Weather generally stable.


April: Lovely warm afternoons, following cool nights, trigger end of season hatches on select waters.


A recent unwanted “guest” in the south island is the invasive alga Didymo. At present this has had little effect on the fishing in the immediate area however we are paying close attention to the Twizel and Ahuriri rivers, both infected with this pest. If you intend to fish several different waterways then please ensure that all items which come in contact with water are either thoroughly dried or decontaminated before moving on to the next stream. Anglers fishing up the Ahuriri should consider the upper part (Ben Avon onwards) as a different river and consequently re-clean their gear prior to entering the water. Check out this link for cleaning instructions.


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