Fly Fishing Tekapo and the McKenzie Basin

Fly Fishing Tekapo and the McKenzie Basin anyone?

A Good South Canterbury BrownGlendeer Fly Fishing has the top locations –

Nestled in the heart of the South Island, New Zealand you will find a district known as the Mackenzie country . The McKenzie country and surrounding areas offer world class fly fishing opportunities together with stunning mountain scenery. In the background to this lies the snow capped Southern Alps, it is the crystal clear waters that flows from this magnificent mountain range that you will most certainly find Brown & Rainbow trophy trout - making your fly fishing trip an unforgettable experience.

Two of the more renowned fly fishing locations in this area are the Tekapo River & Ahuriri River due to their high numbers of trout. These are two fantastic rivers to fish offering both brown & rainbow trout . Blind fishing in the runs & rapids can be very rewarding in the mid to lower reaches of both rivers.

The Southern Alps

Walking up a Backcountry Stream to prime waterThe Southern Alps provides remote, off the beaten track memorable fishing opportunities, 4wd and walking will access us to some of these areas. Helicopters will fly us into the most remote parts, the views alone are breathtaking and hooking into a good sized trout make for some of the greatest fly fishing around.

Fly Fishing Expeditions

Expeditions are made to most parts of the South Island, from the remote Fiordland National Park up to the West Coast. We tend to focus on the Upper Waitaki Valley, the sparkling clear waters of the Mount Cook National Park and Mackenzie Basin catchment's areas along with Rakaia to Fairlie these all have first class fly fishing waters. We know the weather conditions well in these parts and in order to give you "quality fly fishing conditions" it is a must that we have nice clear water, decisions between client and the guide are made to satisfy the client before and on the day. Water clarity is most important when stalking large brown trout.

Fly fishing the Deep South

Fiordland national park offers beauty in the mountains and bush alone. The fishing in this part of New Zealand is outstanding in every form, but due to its remoteness a helicopter or boat ride is essential. If one is to fish these remote wilderness areas, one must be prepared to put up with sand flies. Insect repellant is a must in this area. The weather is prone to changing rapidly and downpours of rain can make rivers rise very fast. An up to date weather forecast is a must before venturing into these parts and the ( DOC ) Department of Conservation office in Te Anau is where you can obtain this along with other relevant information. We do strongly recommend a guide in these parts.

More information on locations is available on request.

About the Mackenzie Country;


Looking towards the Southern AlpsThere's lot to do for the none fishing companions in this Area. Tekapo is on the inland route SH8 to the Southern destinations, it's the gate way to the McKenzie country and the numerous rivers and streams in the area. The area is a Mecca for the fly fishermen and is one of the fly fishing destinations on most anglers lists.


Three main townships lie within the Mackenzie basin, Tekapo, Twizel & Oamarama . Each of these towns makes a good base for fishing in the area and al have a range of accommodation. Tekapo has a stunning location right on the shores of Lake Tekapo and is at the top of the Tekapo River. Twizel is an old Hydro Town, built to provide accommodation for workers during the construction of the Waitaki hydro scheme during the '60s & '70s and  these days provides for wary fishermen after a long day catching fish! Oamarama sits close to the Arhurir River and don't miss the chance of casting a line on this fine river, it's a gem!


The area is dominated by Mt Cook, the Southern Alps and milky turquoise blue hydro lakes. The McKenzie is a large inland basin, with a drier climate, vast areas of dry tussock land is another landscape feature. The country is open and can be windy at times.


Mt Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain is the main attraction in this area, and a visit to the base area is a must with stunning views up the mountain.


Other places of interest;

  • Mt John Observatory

  • Tekapo

  • Salmon Farms

  • Hydro Canals and Dams

  • Gliders an Omarama

  • Rowing at Twizel