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Stalking up a secluded spring creek Just a note to thank you again for an excellent days fishing a week last Sunday, undoubtedly the finest guided day I have ever experienced. Your passion and enthusiasm for the sport was clear from the minute we started planning the day. I particularly appreciated your commitment to ensuring that I not only caught some great brown trout, but also learned a lot from the day. And finally for a Kiwi, you're are not a bad bloke!"
Thanks again.





I had the fortune of choosing Chris Dore as a guide and the pleasure of fishing with him for 2 days in Southland in January 2008. It was without doubt 2 of the most enjoyable days' fishing I have ever experienced. Chris was the complete package - an outstanding guide: knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an utter expert, but he was also modest, good humored, patient and excellent company. The rivers we fished were just beautiful and to catch 5 fit wild brown trout three of which were 7 lb or heavier just capped the whole experience off. I recommend Chris absolutely and without hesitation and would seek his services again on any future trip to NZ. Cheers Adam


Carl displaying  Southland Brown Trout"Given that I only had one day to spend on the water, I wasn't sure what our chances were of sighting and landing some nice fish - I can only say that with Chris' guidance, that single day became one that I will never forget.  Chris is an incredibly knowledgeable and capable guide.  He put us on some fantastic fish immediately and throughout the day.  Chris was able to give me some valuable casting tips to improve my abilities.  Beyond the fishing talk, Chris was a great source of local knowledge and was able to point us to some great pubs and restaurants in town.  His encouragement, patience and genuine enthusiasm kept me motivated to keep working for some pretty tough fish - which paid off in the end!"

Carl Vonnegut, Boston, MA USA


Impressive....“I had the good fortune to be recommended to hire Chris Dore for guiding me on the South Island around Queenstown this past November 2007. Once booked, I couldn’t believe how well known he was amongst my fishing buddies and fly shops here in Canada! He had a lot to live up to. I must say firstly that Chris is a heck of a great guy, and an even better guide.  His never-ending enthusiasm and professionalism is refreshing, and the depth of his knowledge seems boundless. Chris really takes the time to listen to what you are after and make sure you get it. Best of all, thanks to Chris I got the fish I came all the way from Canada for – an 8lb brown! I had a great time and a lot of laughs with you Chris, I will be coming back for sure and sending any of my friends in your direction.” 

Glen Tinkler

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“My wife Krista and I just returned from our second trip to the Southland of New Zealand a week or so ago. I want to give out a great recommendation for our guide Chris Dore. We fished the Oreti, the Waikaia, the Mataura and several secret spring creeks that if I name they won't let back into the country. We're talking about stalking, (3-8 km a day), and sight fishing size 16-18 drys to incredibly large, healthy Brown Trout. It's akin to big game hunting in Africa.

Chris would pick us up at our hotel in Queenstown at 0700 and we'd drive anywhere from 70-120 km to the south to reach the day's fishing venue. He would set us up with 14-16 foot leaders tapered to 6x and off we'd go. He easily spots the fish from 80-100 feet away. Because of the incredible clarity of the water it can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes just to slowly maneuver into position just to get a cast to these fish....but it's worth it. In four days, Krista and I brought 8 fish over 20" to hand, one over 25" and we were quickly snapped off by another 15 or so. There is no such thing as an 8 hour day with Chris. As long as we "break" and feed him dinner he was willing to go until dusk and one night we didn't return to the hotel until after 2200 hrs.

He has the local knowledge, the "eyes" to spot the fish and a great personality, (for a Kiwi). He's also one of only a handful of certified casting instructors in the country. He's also the only man I've ever witnessed false casting all 100' of my fly line plus 5' of my backing on my Sage XP and make it look easy!
If you go don't forget to stop at the pub on the way home each evening to hoist a pint or two of Speights. Be sure to use your non-casting arm....the other one will be too sore!
Chris Dore is 5 star plus and gets the thumbs up from me!
Thanks for the great trip "Mate".”
Chris and Christa Campion


"Mr. Dore guided me for a three-day overnight fishing trip in Feb 2006 in Southland. He proved to be the best fishing guide I have had, and gave outstanding and professional service not only during my time fishing with him, but also both before and since my time actually fishing with him. Mr. Dore loves fishing (and guiding) and his enthusiasm afforded a very positive atmosphere and experience, moreover, the characteristic that stood out most to me is his going way above and beyond what would be expected in any guide. His fishing ethics were clear, professional, and steadfast even when another guide was less than ethical towards us. Also, in situations where he might have compromised to give me an unfair advantage or when he could have been less than ethical to try and win my favour or not inconvenience me, he chose integrity.

In terms of skill, Mr. Dore is presently a skilled and technical angler who is actively reading (and writing) fishing publications to become more and more knowledgeable and able. He notably incorporates and applies his knowledge and seeks to not only excel in catching fish, but to understand what makes for reproducible fishing success and moreover why. In my opinion, Mr Dore stands above the rest and is a fine, enthusiastic fishing guide."

Kenneth Rudd, MD, Connecticut, USA


"Recently I have had the pleasure to fish some of the South Islands magnificent streams in the company and guidance of Chris Dore. Don't be fooled by their appearance, these rivers can be tough at times, as are the fish, and I was very much in need of a good guide.

Chris filled this role magnificently with great local knowledge, far better eyes than mine and infinite patience. I would thoroughly recommend Chris who will happily go to some extra trouble to find good water and fish, always with good grace and humour."

Simon Thomson, Qld Au.


"Chris' company is a veritable pleasure. You would have to look a long way to find a guide who would work as hard on your behalf as Chris, and his experience and knowledge of his rivers places him well above the rest. A true professional"

Robert Bowman, CT. US


"As a green 'novice' to fly fishing, I met Chris on my first trip to New Zealand. His local knowledge was invaluable and his patience much appreciated! In a few short hours under his expert guidance, I had stalked polarized and dry flied my first New Zealand Brown Trout. His knowledge of fly-fishing is extraordinary and combined with his superb teaching skills, made for an incredible fishing experience. I can't wait to come again. (P.S. Chris needs to work on his jokes!)"

Stephen E Heriott, Gold Coast, Australia


Local knowledge is so often the difference between a fishing trip and the 'trip of a lifetime'. Book your local guide today and start catching fish!

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