Fly Fishing Accommodation;

Casey can organise for you;

  • Basic motel rates are about $NZ85-$120 per night.
  • Farmstays are slightly more but often include meals.
  • Luxury lodges begin at NZ$400 per day and can run up to $NZ1,000 per day without added services like guiding or helicopters.
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum, high-country huts administered by the Department of Conservation begin at $NZ10 per person a night for older, basic lodging, to $NZ40 per night for newer accommodations on designated “Great Walks” like the Milford or Kepler.

    If you’re more interested in great fishing, scenery, and meeting local people than staying at a lodge, I’d recommend a combination of motels, fishing huts and a few nights of camping to get a flavour of the country. Although it’s always helpful to have reservations, New Zealand weather is fickle and necessitates a flexible approach.

Solitude in Backcountry Otago

A lone angler enjoys a secluded stretch