About Fly Fishing in Canterbury

About Fly Fishing in Canterbury

The waters I guide are very diverse such as;

  • Spring Creeks

  • Small Meadow Creeks

  • Back Country Rivers

  • Canyons

  • Freestones rivers

  • Headwaters

  • Coastal Lagoons {sea run Browns,}

  • High Country Lakes and Tarns.

Most guide time is spent in pursuit of Brown Trout;

My speciality is seeking out Larger Brown Trout in Headwater and Back Country locations.

Brown Trout;

The Canterbury area provides for some very large browns at times to 'those in the know' The variety of water, the scenery, and the size of the fish are what angling dreams are made of....

Sea Run Brown Trout;

Canterbury Rivers provide specular fishing for sea run browns, these fish can be very large as they feed up on the rich bounty of the ocean and estuarine areas where they can be targeted. And these large trout will migrate to the head waters to spawn in the small tributary streams.

Rainbow Trout;

Many rivers in Canterbury have good populations of Rainbow trout, particularly in the mountain streams and rivers. They can attain a good size too and offer spectacular sport once hooked!

The often forgotten Brook Char;

Canterbury Brook Char These beautiful fish are available in selected locations in Canterbury

Magic colouration of Canterbury Brook Char: 

King Salmon on the fly {March-April}

The larger Canterbury east coast rivers are renowned for there salmon fishing. These can be taken on a fly. Salmon numbers appear to be recovering after some years of below average returns, lets hope so.

The Fishing Season in my areas = Oct 1 through to April 30


Martin's years of experience
mean's that whatever conditions prevail,
he knows the best locations where you'll get the best results.

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