Taupo Fly Fishing

Taupo Fly Fishing: A high quality winter fishery

June 2010: Early catches from the Tongariro suggest the fish are fatter this year which bodes well for a good season. There's a report on the forum here: Tongariro Fishing


5.5lb Winter run Tongariro RainbowOnce the main summer season comes to a end at the end of April many don't realise that it also marks the start of the fantastic winter season in the Central North Island based around the central hub of Lake Taupo. (Map of the North Island)

It's the fabled waters of the Tongariro River and surrounding area that first put NZ on the map as a fly fishing destination. And it's still pretty good! With an astounding catch of 150 000 to 175 000 fish over 45cm estimated to be caught from the Taupo catchment each year.....This is a self-sustaining wild fishery.

Rainbows predominate but there are also some big browns to be caught at the right times.

Lake Taupo is a huge inland fresh water lake with an abundance of food, mainly smelt which allows the trout to grow rapidly to reach an average of 4 - 5lbs. As winter sets in the winter spawning runs get underway.

A big Tongariro RainbowFirstly the browns then the rainbows will be running up the inflowing tributary streams and rivers in good numbers. And it's here that they are targeted as the migrate to the spawning grounds.

The winter fishing is nymph and indicator fishing, wet lining is also popular. There's quite a variety of water to fish with the Tongariro River being the best know.


So if you are going to be in NZ between the months of May to end of September then this is the place to be.



For fishing in this area I recommend you talk to a local expert;

Talk to Taupo-Turangi Fishing Guide Craig Farrar for his in depth local knowledge